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L/C Steal My Heart
Disclaimer: The same is true in therapy and writing: Learning from many masters is the way to go. The Women's Murder Club girls belong to James Patterson, Dollhouse is Joss Whedon's creation. Both ABC and Fox didn't know when they had gold on their hands - but they own the rights.

The story:
Season 1Collapse )

Summary: Cindy is investigating the story of her life: The alleged urban legend of the Dollhouse. It might just cost her everything.

Season 2Collapse )

Summary: Two years later, there's no escaping the long shadows of the Dollhouse.

Standalone: Different Lines, a look several generations into the future

Vid: Until The Break Of Dawn

On Megaupload

Summary: Follows Lindsay's search for Cindy, her memories of happier moments and Echo's awakening.
L/C Steal My Heart
A/N: This is for the brave readers who have accompanied me through 100 (!) parts of two seasons of Until The Break Of Dawn. You knew the happy ending was coming from Different Lines. This is for you, a standalone little story told by Charlotte. Thank you!!

The Promised LandCollapse )

2/50 For Better

L/C Steal My Heart
A/N: It's a week of celebrations. It's my story, I can make happen whatever I want to, but this, hopefully, will be real someday soon.

For BetterCollapse )

2/49 A Change Is Coming

L/C Steal My Heart
A/N: Caroline's mission is fulfilled.

A Change Is ComingCollapse )

2/48 Breaking The Chains

Claire curious
A/N: Friends help each other out.

Breaking The ChainsCollapse )

2/47 Milk And Sugar

Linds Always
A/N: Tom has a surprise for Lindsay.

Milk And SugarCollapse )

81/45 Matters Of Faith

Jill stairs
A/N: What's left to believe.

Matters Of FaithCollapse )

81/44 From Now On

L/C Steal My Heart
A/N: The promise made long ago is still true.

From Now OnCollapse )

81/43 A Fairy Tale

L/C Steal My Heart
A/N: There's one fear that has accompanied Lindsay all the time.

A Fairy TaleCollapse )


L/C Steal My Heart

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